About Me

I am a man of many hats.

My day job?

I’m a Community Manager. CMs work to build, grow, and maintain user communities focused around a particular brand or product. It’s a job with many roles, from support staff to marketing to social media to customer relations, but I love every minute of it.

My hobbies?

Web Developer: I have a degree in Information Technology from RIT, specializing in Web Site Design and Development. Take a look at my portfolio page to see some of my work.

Ballroom Dancer: I’m part of the UConn Ballroom team, and compete from time to time. I compete in all styles, but my favorite dance is Swing.

PC Gamer: I love playing games like Left 4 Dead 2, Guild Wars, Elder Scrolls, etc. My chosen medium is a mouse and keyboard, although I do enjoy a good round of XBox 360 from time to time.