Neglect, Crime, and Potato Chips


Of 2012. Ouch.

This blog has seen some serious neglect. If it were a child, I’d probably be in jail right now. (Who am I kidding, screw jail, I’d be in Costa Rica on a beach, sipping rum out of a coconut. Wait, does Costa Rica have an extradition treaty? Damn, they do. Dubai then. Also,I’m pretty sure I just ended up on some FBI watchlist by Googling “countries without extradition treaties with the US”. I’d make a horrible criminal.)

Anyway, I’m going to make more of an effort to write more. Mainly because all I ever write these days are support ticket replies, which 9 times out of 10 follow the same basic format, and super-short social media posts. Which, to be honest, is really the mental equivalent of eating celery and potato chips all day.

This is a forum where I get to stretch my creative arms a bit and write whatever I want. Personal updates more substantial than two-line Facebook posts, essays about topics that interest me, opinions about books/games/movies/etc. Really whatever strikes my fancy, because the only way to get better at writing, is to, well, write.

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