Today was actually a fairly productive day.

1. I went to the gym and did a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) routine.

A friend recommended this program, I’ve only done the first workout, but I like it so far. HIIT gives a pretty intense workout in a rather short time, which is nice for those of us who want to fit a lot of stuff into our days. It should also serve as a good break for the regular weight training that I’ve done the last few weeks. It’s always nice to switch things up a bit, to not let your nervous system get too into the routine and complacent.

2. I built lighting stands out of PVC pipe, for making videos. (I have no idea what exactly those will be yet, but I’ll figure that out as I go. Maybe something involving cooking.) Here’s a tutorial for the stands. It’s really simple and inexpensive. Pro tip: GET THE PVC CUTTER. It’s like $6, and will save you a ridiculous amount of time.

3. I also managed to make some headway on a stabilizer rig for my GoPro. All I need to do now is actually mount the camera on the frame. Here’s something like what I’m building.

4. And now I’m about to sit down with a glass of bourbon scotch and pound out a few paragraphs in the latest CAH installment (check out the first one, “Do You Know The Muffin, Man?“, if you haven’t read it!). And maybe play some video games. We’ll see what happens…

All in all a decent way to spend a day.

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