Premium Android Apps to Celebrate 10 Billion Downloads

For those of you who have Android phones, the Android Market has some premium Apps on sale for 10 cents each.

I highly recommend:

Soundhound: Similiar to Shazam, in that it will search for a song’s information after recording a clip. Super useful if you’re an audiophile who likes to know the artist, title, album, and every other piece of info about a track you like. Or if you’ve just got a song stuck in your head and need to know what it is.

SwiftKey X Keyboard: This app adds a keyboard that vastly improves on the default Android keyboard. I’ve been using this app for a while (Amazon had it a while back as a free one-day promotion.

Minecraft -- Pocket Edition: Fans of the hit desktop game should enjoy the portability of this world-creation game.

Great Little War Game: A small-scale 3D RTS game. It reminds me of Advance Wars for the GBA. Those were the good ol’ days…

It looks like they’re doing this for 10 days, with different apps each day, so check back for new deals.

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