The Cinnamon Challenge

Tonight I tried the Cinnamon Challenge

If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, you take a spoonful of cinnamon, stick it in your mouth, and try to fully consume it in 60 seconds.

This is easier said than done. Not only does the cinnamon instantly dry out your mouth, it burns and stings your mouth, especially if it gets under your tongue.

That said, it’s pretty entertaining if you do it simultaneously with at least one other person.

Here’s a example of it on YouTube:

(Photo courtesy of FotoosVanRobin)

3 Responses to The Cinnamon Challenge
  1. Shari Reply

    I’m hoping you are partaking in #1 🙂

  2. Lee McKusick Reply

    Also, for those interested, I failed miserably… If you try it and have better luck, let me know!

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