Ever wanted to be a DJ?

Turntable.fm lets you. It’s a web app that is sort of like an online club scene.

You join a room, and there are 5 DJ spots available. If there’s a free spot, you can become a DJ yourself. Once you’re a DJ, you can search for music to add to your playlist, or you can upload your own. Each DJ gets a turn to play the song at the top of their playlist. (Once a song is played, it cycles to the bottom.)

Your chosen song then plays for everyone in the room. They can vote on whether it’s “Lame” or “Awesome.” Too many lame votes, and the song is skipped and it moves on to the next DJ. Awesome votes give you DJ Points, which you can use to improve your avatar.

It’s an excellent way to hang out and share your music with friends, if you’re not all together.

It’s currently in beta right now, but I guess you can log in via Facebook, if one of your friends is on there (which I am.)

Check it out: Turntable.fm

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