How to Be More Interesting in 10 Simple Steps has this brief but excellent article by Jessica Hagy with some tips on how to be more adventurous and enrich your life. They’re more conceptual than practical—tips such as “Embrace your Inner Weirdness” are pretty vague—but they’re broad enough that everyone should be able to find some nugget of practical application if they think about it enough.

For example, the first tip is “Go exploring.” The best thing you can do is to start locally. Have you been to every restaurant in your town? How about that small trinket shop on the corner that you never knew was there before? Some other simple possibilities:

1. Go to the library and grab a book from a section you don’t normally browse. (If you’re a science fiction fan, get a mystery. If you’re usually into romance, grab a history book. Give something new a spin. Oh, and for the love of all that is good and holy in the world, stay away from this.)

2. Take a look at your local newspaper, or keep your eyes on a community bulletin board—Panera Breads and coffee shops usually have something. There’s likely a lot more activities around your area than you realize. You’ll likely things like special festivals or classes to take to learn a skill (e.g. pottery classes at an art gallery).

I’d say the only tip from the article that I would tweak would be #6. I agree that you don’t want to be arrogant, as it’s a large turn-off for most people. However, as you go exploring and gain new skills and experiences, you’re bound to develop a good dose of confidence. This is perfectly OK, and should be harnessed. Confident people are the the ones that most people look up to.

The trick, though, is keeping your level of confidence paced with your skills/experience. If your confidence outpaces your skills, you appear arrogant. Too little confidence though, and you appear weak and inferior. Keep the proper balance, while always growing your experiences, and you’ll end up the most interesting man in the world.

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